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Think music subscription today is not worth it, think again!

Let's just stop for a second and try to recap what the heck has happened only the last 2 decades in the music industry.

Many of you are probably too young even to know what I am writing about but at least try to imagine what I am about to tell you, 
if you are old enough (like me), you will get this :)

A lot of times I hear that it is not worth having a subscription at one of the more famous
music streaming services provided today. Fair enough, but just let me rewind the time about 20 years and remind how people consumed music back in the old day.  

As it happens, I used to work at a High-End Hifi store 20 years ago and to be honest, I knew nothing about high-quality sound or music for that matter. I never mastered an instrument or 
had the money to buy a stereo (just wait, and I will explain what a stereo is if you don't know) I will get to this part later.

Back then, people bought something called a CD, that is short for Compact Disk, (and before that it was LPs and Cassettes - cover that next time)
It was a round flat piece of plastic that could cost around 14 bucks for an album it contained 
10-14 songs, yes, that is a dollar per song or more. You could get this pretty much everywhere, gas stations, grocery stores
airports, everywhere you went they popped up.  You even had stores at prime locations downtown that only sold these music CDs.
And it could pay the insane rent for a long time by only selling CDs. Don't believe me? Just ask Richard Branson. 

In fact, any unknown not established artist could sell 10 000 copies and Super Mega Star could
sell millions (just do the math, this was the prime time for record labels)
everyone was getting rich, and the music market was booming- Everybody wanted to make music 
and become a superstar.

For a consumer, a reasonable person could have 50-100 at home, it was a collection of music which that 
a person physically stored at home, there where even racks and furniture that was
actually designed to have these look good in your home and impress your friends.

So you had a collection that you spent 14K on just to have CDs to listen to.

But it did not stop there, to listen to the music you often needed a high-end
stereo to listen to the music on the compact disc, that is where I came in. 

Even though I can't hear on one ear, I somehow found a way to upsell to the little more expensive 
systems or speakers from those that you from the start wanted to buy.

Of course, there were cheaper ones, but if you wanted the good stuff, you went to the Hi-end store and bought not just one thing but several things. 

First off, you needed a really good CD-player, as the very name implies, it played your CD.
A CD player could cost around 200 -2 000 bucks or more. 
Great it made the disc spin, but if you wanted to HEAR music you also needed a cable that transported the 
sound from CD player to an amplifier, and did not lose to much juice on the way to the amplifier because it made the sound not so great as it could be.
So how much did the cables costs, let's just say that it could cost just as much as the CD- player

Great here we go! Let turn up the music, but wait. If you want the speakers (which you don't have already)
you need something to power the speakers, something that amplifies whatever you want to hear.

You guessed it that costs around 3 00-5 000 bucks a piece, and it was heavy too.

Could you hear anything now? Not quite yet -
And last, you need cables for the speakers, and the speakers let just say the sky is the limit.

So to sum up - before you could listen to your album for 14 bucks
You needed to invest from 3 000 Buck and no limit before you even could start
listening to music. Now you have it! Have fun!

This process could be very long and tedious, imagine customers sitting in a chair and listening and comparing to different components of the systems, just to find the perfect sound. 
Come On! Really !! Give me a break!

I am not going say this was the case for everyone but for many this what you had to pay and go through if you wanted to listen to music on your own. 

Finally, you have saved and bought it now you have to bring it home, and it will usually be set up in the basement. The funniest part is
you couldn't play the music as loud as you wanted because the neighbors would complain about the noise :) 

Could you take the music with you, nope! You had to sit, close your eyes and listen to your music. Guess what you had to do if you wanted to hear another song, 
yep, you had to get up and open the trey, take the CD out carefully, no scratches
damage the whole experience. Put it back in its folder, pick out a new one, put it in the cd player, press play.
Not like you can go any far to listen to music, not like you could bring it when you went for a jog.
You had to buy a walk-man, that was a portable CD player, guess what happened when you tried
to run, yes, you figured out, it stopped playing every now and then because it was bumping too much and disrupted the spinning CD.

Just for fun - I have to share a link to some extreme Japanese dudes that really have
a passion for this, I am not judging, but I think the guy, in the end, is very romantic


What changed? -  Perhaps not the whole truth but played a vital part of igniting the true transformation into the digital music era. Sure it was digital formats an mp3, and other formats were already out, but you got to give credit to the guy for creating a new music model.
I would like to think it all started with an idea and it is beautifully explained in one movie scene,
It is the scene in the movie Steve Jobs from 2015 with Michael Fassbender, and it is in the very emotional scene has in the end with this daughter

Check it out


Its spot on with the vision that he can't stand her carrying around that brick portable cassette player
and wants to put around 500 -1000 songs in something much better, and we all know how it played out.

Fast forward to today - 

Today you have unlimited all songs ever made in the palm of your hand for just
9,99 dollar a month for a streaming service, you have it where ever you go, always accessible when you are riding your train to work, jogging in the morning, at a party, 
it sets no boundaries to where you can experience music. 

If Steve couldn't stand seeing that brick music player, we at FanRaizd can't stand that artists and fans can't join forces to drive the 
music industry forward within existing music model, way too little money finds its way to artists.

We who work at FanRaizd believe that those who love music should not be at the end of 
the music production line is paying for everyone else.
Instead, we believe the connection between artist and fan is the core what drives the music forward, and we aim to enhance that magical spark. 

Learn more what we do…

That is why we created our services, hopefully making music more fun and our mission is to make sure artist can keep up their dreams of letting out music that comes to their heart
and keep doing it. 

Next time someone complains about expensive, just think about
how we consumed music 20 years ago, and imagine if everyone made a calculated risk and came to the conclusion music is a lousy investment and horrible payoff.  Would there be any new music released?

Luckily Music is a way of life, and we are millions of people who need music in our daily life, and we want to make it more meaningful by trying something new, and we hope you do too. 


FanRaizd Crew