frequently asked questions

Music is complex, lets try to sort some things out

What is FanRaizd?

FanRaizd gets your music to all major online music stores and streaming services. We handle Recording Rights and Publishing Rights in one place. We engage our members with music streaming challenges and music gamification because we think the music consumption model today is not working for emerging artists who wants to build their fanbase. FanRaizd is a place where you can be creative and connect musically with others.

Many distribution companies out there, what makes FanRaizd different?

We understand the competition is ruthless and many cave under it.

We are here for the long run and we do many things different. We get your music to the stores like all others, we do splits AND SELL TOKENS (Nobody gives you option to set your price for a share of your song) so you can huzzle your way up and build your network of people you need to help you grow. But our mission is to increase the engagement on social platforms through online music streaming challenges, gamification and Instagram's Augmented Reality objects.

Do you allow for distribution on other services for platforms that you don't support?

It is a non-exclusive, if you want to use other solutions for getting your music out that works. It is ok to use the very same song if we are not covering a particular service, even though we think we cover those that are most important.

How can artists connect with their fans and network to get traction?

We believe it is the spark between fans andartists that ultimately fuels an artist’s success in the long run.

To truly get the deep connection with your fansand engagement to sustain for a longer period, the most valuable you can giveaway is a share of your future success. What better way for your fans to experience your music than being a part of your music journey. We enable artists to sell a share or give away their Master Right with anyone, anytime, anywhere without filling out tedious forms and wait for changes to come through. When you click the button, it is all accounted for.

What happens when I sell or give away tokens of my song?

If you decide to sell tokens of your song you simply put down the price number of tokens and put it out on the FanRaizd Music Market and start linking and spreading your shares to your followers.

If you decide to give away share by first adding them as friends and then give away the number of tokens you want. When the transaction is completed, the digital revenue will automatically be split, no admin for members so you can continue be creative.

What happens if I sell some of my tokens in the middle of the month, what happens to my royalty?

Good question, you simply get paid for the number of days you own a right. If you had a share of asong for 10 days, you would receive the royalty for those 10 days.

How much does it cost?

Only €3 / month(paid yearly) for unlimited distribution with all codes included, music challenges, gamification, your private rights collection, buy and sell tokens + exciting coming features. No extra for Shazam or other platforms.

No upfront registration fee. Monthly payouts. When you withdraw money from your balance, a PayPal account is required, but no fees applies.

Does FanRaizd charge me any transaction costs for buying and selling Rights?

No! Adding hidden costs makes it complicated and corporate, and we don't want to burden our members whoare already trying hard enough to make it.

What is My Private Music Right Collection?

People always love to collect something that makes them happy and have a value, now is the time to let lose the music rights. Back in the day, you had a CD (piece of plastic with music on) collection.

Today, with all challenges facing everyone in the industry and the economy sharing trends blowing across the globe, we see the opportunity to move end-consumers to play a bigger part in the music value-chain. In the future, fans, influencer, and others will replace the A&R and Marketing Department at Record Labels by having a collection of music rights instead. When you listen to your favorite music, you will get paid!

How does the Private Rights Collection work?

The private rights collection counts the number of streams you have according to your share. If you upload 1 song and get 1000 streams, you have 1000 streams and you rights collection will be on that certain level (what? we will come to that part later). If you have made a song with your friend and you decide to split it 50/50, you both will get 500 streams each. Pretty simple.

This will probably trig you to start building your collection by spreading and sharing your song to others, and if you want them to push your music a little extra, perhaps you should consider give away a piece or sell for price you think is reasonable, all the while you are getting more exposure. Even better if you all together can getbonus royalties (what? yes, we will get to that too 😊 ) by unlocking streaming levels.

What are the Private Rights Collection Levels?

We love the Private Music Collection Levels! It is your token of YOUR music engagement. If you have the ear to pick the next sound, and have the skills to make your songs grow, all your songs you have in your Private Music Collection will be streamed more and when that happens, your status of your Private Music Collection will increase when it accumulates more streams which attracts more people in the network who wants to connect with you.

You will get more exposure in social media, especially Instagram, since we have our FanRaizd Rights Collection Board of people who are trending and breaking the charts. If you are lucky, you might end up with a customized AR object only for you.

What are FanRaizd Song levels?

The Song levels purposeis to quantify how your song is going and how much engagement it is getting. Like, Private Right Collection Levels, FanRaizd Song Levels accumulate how many streams a song has accumulated.

When a song unlocks a level, at certain steps, an additional bonus royalty will be paid out to everyone who has a share in that song. If you and your friend owns 50/50 on a song and it breaks through the 10 000 streams and unlocks next level, you both would split an additional bonus royalty of for example 10 Euro (depending on level) on top of royalties you get from music stores. Best part probably being you will get your social certificate that you have unlocked next level which you and your friends can share in your social channels.

What are the Online Music Challenges and how do they work?

The music challenges are another great thing we do at FanRaizd. All kind of challenges are popular today to get the engagement from your followers and we are happy to say that we are the first incorporating that into music streaming and listening.

All songs are eligible to enter an online streaming challenge. When the challenge starts the goal is toget as many streams ON MUSIC STREAMING PLATFORMS such Spotify, iTunes, Amazon,Google, Tidal and so forth as possible. Our system counts the streams and give out statistics every 3-4 day how the standings are. This opens up for more spreading, sharing and listening from everyone around you and the song that has most streams after the period wins. The winners can collect a prize and say for example if it is cash, all rightsowners of that song splits the prize money. Or if it is a discount on a specific product or service, everyone wins. Best thingabout the challenge is that during this challenge we will promote your music giving you more exposure than you otherwise would get.

FanRaizd code of conduct

FanRaizd has the right to refuse your content for any reason, especially if FanRaRaizd’s Code of Conduct is not followed. Failure to comply with FanRaizd’s Code of Conduct could result in a member’s account being deactivated from all features, including distribution of new content. FanRaizd’s Code of Conduct and reason to suspension include, but are not limited to:

-When suspicionof fraudulent streaming occurs.
-If a memberfall under copyright infringement.
-Continuing releases failing to meet guidelines and standards.
-Any type of inappropriate speech, abusive content, abusive language to FanRaizd crew or members.
-If a member duplicate audio/content, generic content or sound-a-likes for own benefit.
-If a member has not cleared licenses for covers or misuse of unlicensed samples or remixes.

What platforms do you deliver to and how long does it take?

FanRaizd cover most major platforms around the globe. We are constantly adding new ones. Your music will be up within 2-3 days in stores like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and many more. Others can take a few more days.

- 7Digital
- 24/7 Entertainment
- Anghami
- Amazon
- Bugs!
- Boomplay
- Beatport
- Deezer
- Dubset
- Facebook Fingerprint
- Facebook Audio library
- Fizy
- Google Music
- Hungama
- iMusica
- iTunes/Apple Music
- Joox
- KkBox
- Line Music
- Napster
- Nuuday
- Pandora
- Qobuz
- Resso
- Saavn
- Simfy Africa
- Sirius XM
- Shazam
- Spotify
- Tencent
- Tidal
- TikTok
- TrackDrip
- TraxSource
- Touch Tunes/Play Network
‍- Ultimate China
- United Media Agency
- Xiami
- Youtube
- Youtube Music Key

How do I earn money from music services like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and all other stores?

When you upload your music, it is important all Metadata (artist, title, composers, arrangers,etc) are correct. The better Metadata the greater chance your money will find you and those you work with.

We send your song to all major music services and when your music is downloaded or streams on for example Spotify you earn royalties, Spotify makes a payout, we collect it and pay out to you, 100%.

Is there a limit on how many songs/albums can be shared via your platform or is there a cost per song/album.

You can upload as many albums, singles, and EP:s you want, under as many artist name you want. All UPC codes, ISRC codes included, no extra charge.

Do I have to give up my rights?

No, you keep 100% of your rights or start splitting with friends or people who can help you grow. It is totally up to you to decide what direction your journey should take.

Do you solve licensing for cover songs?

There are several services who can help you get your license for a cover. Soundrop, Easysonglicensing, Songfile, Tunelicensing and Harry Fox Agency to name a few could help you get the license.

Can I earn money from Youtube through FanRaizd?

Sure can! A lot of people do. Just need to clarifyone thing. If you distribute a song through us we collect royalties. We collect royalties for sound (Master Rights) and composition (Publishing) if you have released a song (audio). Youtube have different rates pending if your view has an ad or if it is viewed through a subscription.

If you send a video and have your own channel, youare better monetizing through services like Bitmax. Be aware that Youtube has changed their policy regarding monetizing on videos.

What codes do I need when I release my song?

You will need an ISRC code and UPC code, this will be provided by FanRaizd.

Can I earn money from Youtube through FanRaizd?

Sure can! A lot of people do. Just need to clarifyone thing. If you distribute a song through us we collect royalties. We collect royalties for sound (Master Rights) and composition (Publishing) if you have released a song (audio). Youtube have different rates pending if your view has an ad or if it is viewed through a subscription.

If you send a video and have your own channel, youare better monetizing through services like Bitmax. Be aware that Youtube haschanged their policy regarding monetizing on videos.

Can I get my music to and monetize from Facebook

Yes of course! You get your music to Facebook just like any other music service and you keep 100% of revenues just like all the other music services. No extra registration needed. Be aware that it is only eligible sound records you can monetize. If you release your own song which you have all the rights to or have cleared the rights to you are all set.

Ineligible content may be public domain clipsor speeches, sound effects/loops or karaoke versions or tweaked sound-a-like cover versions.

I have old songs through another distributor,do I have to move them to FanRaizd

You can if you want to. If we can do bulk ingestions and move over catalogues if needed. If you are happy where you are and have data in place that you don’t want to lose. Keep it there until you are ready.

Can I set up pre-saves?

You can for releases on most stores like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. Just reach out and we sort it out.

How do I claim my artist pages?

All major music services have artist pages. You should sign in directly so you can get your insights and start learning more about your audience habits. Here are some links:

Spotify: https://artists.spotify.com/
iTunes: https://artists.apple.com/

How can I get my songs on playlists?

There are many ways to go about it, you can contact playlist curators and ask if they could add your track (probably will costs you). If you are lucky upon release you can get it on some of the New Music Radar playlists hosted by the music services. Or, you could ask if they want to get a % of future royalties 😊.  

There are many good services like Submithub,Indiemono, Soundplate, For the love of bands, Daily Playlists, and Work Hard Playlist Hard.

Do you make any claim to the copyright of the songs shared via your platform?

Yes we do if you want to. Today it is very simple to get your songs registered at PRO making sure you get paid for the composition of the song (different from the sound of the song).

Our main geographical focus is Europe but we cover North America as well. How we usually go about it is that we register our copyright through Swedish PRO STIM. When they collect through out the world and from other contries, including North America, you will receive royalties for your composition. Composition royalties does not move as fast as Sound Master royalties and it could take several months before you see any income pending how much your music have been played.

How do you handle publishing rights?

You set the Metadata for publishing rights when you upload your Album/single or EP. Many independent artists register their publishing rights at the PRO after they have uploaded the songs.

Since the information about creators already are in the release data, if you feel like you want help with getting the Publishing rights administrated and you already have an IPI number, just drop us a line and we help you out.

How much do you charge?

We don’t take any one-time fees. We get your music registered through Swedish PRO  STIM and 5% on mechanical sales. Meaning if you are out doing touring and concerts, you will get 100% from the Performance revenue stream. We believe that is fair since we are only helping with digitalside of the revenue.

You will get paid directly and receive your royalty statements from the PRO and they collect royalties through sister PROs all over the world.

How do I get an IPI number?

It is appointed by SUISA, if you want to get your own IPI number, please speak with your local PRO or you can submit one through Swedish PRO STIM. Works even if you are a non-resident of Sweden and EU.

I have already distributed my music through other services? Possible to still cover publishing rights?

Yes, if you are signed with a publishing company you probably have a deal in place stating how many songs you should produce. If you are an independent, well, then you are free to do as you wish.

If you are an independent artist, going forward,you can register your new songs through FanRaizd if you want.

What about Youtube monetization?

Your videos and songs are monetized differently.We do collect royalties from Youtube Music but not for your videos. Either you have one connection directly with Youtube or there are several services you can go through.

However, your Youtube Channel and Youtube Music are connected. The best way you see this is through Artists tracks. You will see your tracks listed on Youtube as videos and display your artist name,album title, track and the length of each track.

I am already at a PRO, can I still use FanRaizd

Yes, sure can. Just drop us a line with your IPI number and what songs you need help with and we can start from there.

I released my songs way back, can I still get money?

If you have not registered your songs at a PRO is is not to late. General retroactive collection is around 2 years if you have not collected your royalty, it will be divided to all other members in the PRO. Why miss out?

Why does it take so long for publishing royalties to be collected

Royalties for Performance and Mechanical rightsare hard, there are long leadtimes between for all rights. However, mechanical rights on digital sales are faster than other revenue streams but be patient, you are not missing out if you are registered so get registered at a PRO.

How do I pay and how do I get my money?

We use Paypal to pay for the membership and to receive royalty payments. In order to receive your money, you need to put in your paypal email address you have for your Paypal account in the settings in FanRaizd profile page.

Your royalties will be automatically be put on your balance when you receive your royalties. Then it is up to you if you want to use your money to withdraw, buy tokens in other artists or just let them sit there.

Do you pay taxes on behalf of members?

FanRaizd does not pay taxes on royalties on behalf of members. Every member is responsible to be aware of local tax laws in each country and for reporting correct information to Tax authorities.

Every country has their own local tax laws, FanRaizd recommend you understand them carefully.

How often do you pay out royalties?

FanRaizd make payouts every month. Normally it takes 40-60 days for royalties to reach your balance. Meaning, if you have sales in June, you usually receive it in August.

What about those banking charges?

There can be a fee connected to transferring your money to your paypal account, depending on where you are located. The fee is collected by Paypal for making the transaction.

What currencies do you work with?

We are based in Europe and we deal with Euro only.

Where can I see my royalty payments?

In your profile, at the bottom, there is button called “Income distribution”, there you see every payment you have received to your balance and what type of transaction it is.

You will see your normal royalties from music services and you will also see payments for challenges you have won or tokens you have sold or paid for.

I would like to get more information about the royalties?

If you are interested in the information about each royalty payment from music services. Please contact us and we will send you the data in an excel or CVS file.

How do I put in money to buy tokens?

In your profile setting, you have a button called "Deposit money into my account". Press it and you come to a new window giving you an option to deposit either 10 Euro or 100 Euro. Your balance will be updated immediately after you decide and go through with your deposit.

How do I get paid for Publishing rights?

If you used our Publishing service, you will receive statement and payment directly from Swedish PRO, in this case, STIM. They make payments every quarter.

Is there a minimum term or cancellation fee/period?

When you sign up you do it for a year straight from the start. There is no cancellation fee or minimum term. You do not have to renew your membership every year to have your songs on music services. The release will not be taken down if your membership ends.

Do you have any tutorials?

Yes, sign in and you will learn how you get started!

Or jump directly to our Tips and Guides section

Can I invite my friends?

Perfect! More people means more engagement.

Do you have a referrel program

Very Soon! Sign up for our newsletter so you are updated!