Back in the day, you went to record store to buy a copy of your favorite artist and have it on your shelf. Today you come to FanRaizd Market place where you network with your songs, give away, sell or trade your shares of songs in your Digital Private Rights Collection in your phone.

This is how networking looks today, no more Like4Like, Sub4Sub, Follow4Follow

Every song has 1,000 shares and you decide how you want to use your shares. Some want to give them away to hardcore fans for being a loyal fan, some have a superhit which is about to explode and want to charge a little price for every share. Others want to network and just trade some share for shares in another song. All shares happen instantly and start to count directly, no lead times. Of course, FanRaizd charge no fee for on these transactions.

The balance on the right side will tell you how much money you have available to buy shares for. If you have zero balance, you might want to upload cash through Paypal or any of the services we use.

Remember! To give away shares to somebody, they need to be registered at FanRaizd, and you need to be connected by adding them as a friend.

Browse around and start and see if you can find something you like!