Commission fee

Commissfion fee membership

Fee: 8%

The royalty payment is used to pay a small amount (8%) for the membership. (no matter how small it is)

If you for some reasen don't have any royalties during a period, you will still be a full member.

The distributions are monitored carefully, "noise", or junk releases will be stopped without notice, and fraudulent behaviour reported from the DSP:s will forfeit the account and membership.

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  • Digital distribution to Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc (50+ providers worldwide).
  • The distribution platforms (Spotify, Apple etc) can be specified per release.
  • Release in 7 days (or less).
  • Pre-Save.
  • 92% of the royalties.
  • Royalty split.
  • All necessary UPC codes and ISRC codes included in price.
  • Withdrawal of money to your PayPal account without any extra costs.
  • Monthly royalty payments to you and your fans, no threshold.
  • Royalty analysis for each release/monthly payout.
  • Streams statistics for each track.
  • See the F.A.Q for more information

Commission fee - what is it?

Instead of a yearly cost, you can pay your membership by letting only 8% of the royalties income pay for your membership, which means that you never have to pay anything in advance.