we innovate digital Music experiences

Get your music to Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Shazam, Tidal, Pandora, Google, Amazon and all other major music stores. Connect with fans/collabs by giving away or selling shares of your song. Listen on music streaming services and unlock bonus royalty and streaming challenges. Get paid.

who we serve

Who use Fanraizd

Artists, musicians, producers, songwriters, labels, radio stations, music schools, music fans, playlist curators, podcasts, influencers, music promoters, managers, investors and brands.

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what we do

why they use US

Distribution is simple, administration of Master och Publishing Rights, you control 100% of rights. Sell or give away rights to anyone in community, unlimited releases and artists, all codes included.

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how we work

what do they get

Monetization on music rights. Exposure from online auditions, win streaming challenges and awesome prices with followers. Unlock streaming levels and get extra bonus royalties.

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who we serve

We have an itch to help music find new roads

Today artists build their fanbase and followers through social platforms, it could be Tiktok influencer, Fortnight gamer, podcast speaker or just friends in your class.


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what we do

handling music rights

Music business in complex and we try to make it simple so you can focus being creative and having fun.

release your music

Get your music to all major music stores. ISRC/UPC codes included. Release as many albums, singles and EP you want and how many artists you want.

Shazam, Youtube monitization and Facebook opt-in are standards so you can be on top of music developments and trends.

music rights -100% Independent

As an independent you always control 100% of your rights and royalties. Period.

Sell or give away shares of your song to your followers. We handle the rest.

Pay day

Royalties paid out every month to your balance.

We handle the splits, you stay creative. Withdraw or buy shares in other artists to grow your network.

how we work

believe In

Artists are already growing followers on social platforms through gamification, challenges/rewards and AR to get more attention, engagement and interactions. Let them also get a share of your song to get the ticket to follow your music journey.

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Private Rights collection level

Private Rights Collection is your total number of streams in songs you have. Could be your own song or an artist you like. Can you get 100 000 streams to your private rights collection?