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Making it in music

The music journey is long and not always straight. Get some tips along the way

Blog >>making it in music

5 simple things you should do when you start your music journey


If everyone knew how  to become a successful artist, everyone would be start. Well, it is a long  road to the final destination, but it all starts with one step.        

There are so many ways to find success,  and every path is different, especially when it comes to release and  marketing strategies to gain that edge and get ahead. One thing is certain  though, nobody makes it on their own. When you start out with music,  there are 5 things you should do in the beginning, to make sure you are  covered.

1.You  got to register with a Performing RightsOrganization (PRO).

Performing Rights  means getting paid when your music is performed public, might be live ina  venue, TV or radio. PROs are agencies collect these royalties and payout  either directly to creators or to Publishing companies if you are signed. If  you are songwriter to your released songs, you should definitely register if  you haven’talready done so. Check out which one is your local PRO.

2. If you are in the US, register with SoundExchange.

Why? Because Spotify,  iTunes and many other streaming services where you control what song you want  to listen to already pays Publishing royalties to PROs, it is called  interactive services. But when your music is played on Pandora or SiriusXM,  songwriters claim digital performance royalty. SoundExchange is anon-profit  PRO that make sure these royalties are collected and paid out for sound  recording owners. Today, many artists are both artists and rights owner  (Songwriter,Composer, Arranger etc).

3. Claim  your account on AppleMusic for Artists and Spotify for Artists.

Claiming your profile  on Apple and Spotify enables you to track how your music is doing and find out  more about who are listening to you.      
To claim your profile on Apple, follow  the instructions here.      
To claim your profile on Spotify, follow  the instructions here.        

4. Make  sure you funnel all social platforms to your bio and your music.

Yes, it is tiresome,  but all social platforms needs to lead to you. On those platforms,that is  where your future fans are and your next collab partner that could take you  to the next checkpoint, get you to find the next sound or beat that will take  your journey a few more steps towards your goal. Most popular sites formusic  are:        
5.Facebook  (Yes, even Facebook)        
6.Get  all those messaging services like Messenger, Wechat and other channels.

5.Network,  Network and Network…

Yes, like we mentioned before. No one makes it on their own. Start finding other artistsand fans in your niche.  Cheer and support others and they will support you. Everyone is in the same boat and everybody needs to help each other.