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how we work

a simple process

We love music because it is driven by the most creative people. There are so many ways for success to find artists and we are trying to boost the chances by making music rights available for everyone and create reasons why they should listen and share your favourite songs.

step 1

sign in & Upload Your Song

It is free to sign in. After you sign in you can update your profile so everyone in the community can find you and get to know you.

step 2

building traction & momentum

Your song is out on all music services and you are just waiting for things to start to pick up.

We are happy to give you an extra push in our channels. If you have friends you want to give future royalties to or sell rights to an influencer who can leverage your tracks, we administrate those instant splits and make sure everyone gets paid.

step 3

join the engagement

Now is the time to get in the action. If you have given away or sold tokens of your song so your followers get future royalties when your song is streamed, you probably have greater chances to start unlocking levels for extra bonus royalty on your Private Rights Collection or on Song Level.

As you start to listen and accumulate streams from music services you will start climb through the different levels, unlocking bonus royalty both for you and your friends who have the same interest on promoting your music (they now have a cut :) )

step 4

win those challenges

Check out our challenges which are running all the time, being on top of the charts gets you more exposure, which would lead to more streams and engagement from others.

If you win, you and everyone in the song split the prize if it is a cash prize, it will be on your balance 4-5 days after closing challenge.

step 5

pay DAY

All royalties from music , sales from tokens of songs, challenges you win will be transfered to your balance.

You are welcome to make a withdrawal anytime you want and there is no threshold. Even better to buy tokens in another upcoming artists you like and want to suppport closing the circle for the new model for music industry complete


we help you with this

We are trying to jumpstart your career. We help you with the basics so you can get some traction, get your fans, have some fun together, make more music, be creative, get more exposure and hopefully one day you will go on to greater things...

Digital distribution to music services

Get your music everywhere so you can be found and start monetizing.

Run online music streaming challenges

Get more exposure from your followers by engaging them in online music streaming challenges, win prizes together.

Song streaming levels

Get extra bonus royalties when you and your followers listen to music on music services.

Run collabs with brands

Get free tools and learn the skills you need when you listen to your music.

Admininstrate music rights

We make music rights admin simple, as it should be, so you can focus on engaging in music and interact with your fans.

Registrering Publishing rights

Get covered for publishing rights so you don't miss out on money you have right to.


frequently asked questions

Not sure how things work? Learn more by reading our F.A.Q

How do I join and how much does it cost?

Simple just click on the link and fill out your details and you are off, always free to join. You will always show up as a new member when you sign in as a new member. We always recommend that you start looking for friends and colleagues as soon as possible so you can start interacting. To have unlimited releases and artists for music distribution costs 48 Euro/year.

What is My Private Music Right Collection?

People always love to collect something that makes them happy and have a value, now is the time to let lose the music rights. Back in the day, you had a CD (piece of plastic withmusic on) collection that kind of gave away what music you were interested in. In the future, you will have your very own collection of music rights in your phone that is the token of your passion.

Today, with all the challenges facing everyone in the industry and the economy sharing trends blowing across the globe, we see the opportunity to move end-consumers to play a bigger part in the music value-chain. In the future, fans, influencer, and others will replace the A&R and Marketing Department at Record Labels by having a collection of music rights instead, when you listen to your favorite music, you will get paid!

How does the Private Rights Collection work?

The private rights collection counts the number of streams you have according to your share in songs. If you upload 1 song and get 1000 streams, you have 1000 streams and you rights collection will be on that certain level (what? we will come to that part later). If you have made a song with your friend and you decide to split it 50/50, you both will get 500 streams each. Pretty simple.

This will hopefully trigger you to start building your collection by spreading and sharing your song to others, and if you want them to push your music a little extra, perhaps you should give away a share or sell a share for price you think is reasonable, all the while you are getting more exposure. Even better if you all together can get bonus royalties (what? yes, we will get to that too 😊 ) by unlocking streaming levels.