Our mission is digitilizing the music experience and enhancing connection between creators and fans with new technology.

music is great but hard

Music industry is constantly finding new ways to promote music and applying new technologies for artists to reach out with their music.

We make music Rights available for everyone

Why must music rights be complex and non transparant?

In music, biggest leaps have been in how artists create and promote music, not how music rights are being administrated. Our mission is to continue add flexibility and simplicity to Music rights so you can focus on being creative, network and connect with others.

We help fans & artists connect through music rights

Why are artists and fans still so far apart?

We believe fans builds artists, now more than ever when social platforms are available. We support the belief that artists and fans are a team and not two ends on a stick. Our mission to share or sell music rights for songs between fans and artists is the last chain holding back the energy in the artist/fans relationship.

We want to power the masses

How do we explore music and can we change our listening behavior?

How we explore and listen to music has changed and to something better. We believe if more people actually had a deeper connection and can relate with artists stories, we can start to change our listening behavior from just radomly listening to playslists in the background to supporting artists we believe in and want to help grow and succeed.

Everyone should have A Private rights collection

Can anyone remember the time when you had shelfs stored with CDs and LPs?

In our future, everyone has a digital collection of music rights. When they listen, support and share their favorite artist, they actually get paid for doing A&R work or promotion services when the song is streamed. The level of your collection is a sign of your music taste, engagement and status. Unlocking higher levels means bonus features and extra exposure.

We create music engagement with gamification

Yes, everyone knows it. For most artists money from streaming or downloads is just part of many revenue streams.

In our mission to add value for emerging artists we create mechanisms that drives music listening. We introduce gamification in music when we host online music streaming challenges and extra bonus royalty pay outs when your song or private rights collection unlocks levels. Everyone with a share in that song will get paid.

More social music presence

How can your music engagement be shared in social channels?

More and more social platforms integrates music in how we interact and create stories and memories. Our mission is to embedd our service in those platforms and enforce the music experience where artists and fans already have connected. Instagram is a growing platform and have the right features for exciting interactions.