frequently asked questions

Here is all you need!

FanRaizd gets your music to all major online music stores and streaming services. We handle Recording Rights, Publishing Rights and Neigbhouring rights, all in one place. We engage our members with music streaming challenges and music gamification because we think the music consumption model today is not working for emerging artists who wants to build their fanbase.

Yep, you are right! Many distribution services deliver your music to streaming services, for very different prices. That is great. We believe most artists REAL problem lies in finding their audience, get them to listen to your music and then spread your music, we want to change that.

We believe it is the spark between fans and artists that ultimately fuels an artists success in the long run. To truly get the deep connection with your fans and engagement to sustain for a longer period, the most valuable you can give away is a share of your future success. What better way for your fans to experience your music than being a part of your music journey. We enable artists to split their Master Right with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

If you decide to give away or sell shares of your song you simply put down the price number of shares and put it out on the FanRaizd Music Market. You can also give away share by first adding them as contacts and then give away the number of shares you want. When the transaction is completed, the digital revenue will automatically be split, no admin for members.

Good questions, you simply get paid for the number of days you own a right. If you had a share of a song for 10 days, you would receive the royalty for those 10 days.

First, All royalty that comes into our Services goes 100% to Rights Owners, FanRaizd doesn't take a cut. To explain it as easy as possible. FanRaizd collects the royalty from over 150+ music services all over the world. When we receive 100 Euro, we split the 100 Euro and distribute the income to all rights owners during that specific month. The split is based on your share of the Master Right. For example, if you have 80% of a song and your best friend who is a music influencer have 20%, you will receive 80 Euro and your friend 20 Euro.

One of the problems facing artists is that it is hard to earn money. You make money when it is downloaded or streamed. Problem is when the average number of streams you will have is around 300-400 streams a month, and your royalty is based on all streams on a service like Spotify. What happens is that your 300-400 streams are a cloud of dust in space compared to super mega artists that stream 40 million times a month.

The idea is very democratic, but it is not tipped in favor if you still working on getting attention. AtFanRaizd, we create our own cash pool of money for the members of the community and sponsors. It means that as the community grows the cash pool will get bigger, and your number of streams will receive the extra royalty from the community on top of what you already earn from Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Youtube and all other major services, it is a win-win on top of the regular income stream.

Music Royalty from Digital Sales on Music Services will find your account every month. Royalty for Publishing will be distributed from PROs directly which is usually every quarter. Royalty from Music Streaming Challenges will be paid out 3-4 days after a challenge is finished. NO THRESHOLDS. You can make a withdrawal and transfer the money to your Paypal account, or you can buy some more shares and support more artists. 

FanRaizd is a music network, does not matter if you are an artist or someone who loves music, you could be a best friend, a parent or grandmother, it is open for every one who has music as a lifestyle. We just don't fly private jets around the world, paying billions for having an office downtown and having 300 programmers coding stuff that nobody wants anyway. We aim to have a great and fun service solving a problem, and minimizing Overhead enabling to grow the network in forms of extra royalty and contests. If the community grows, the more royalty we can pay out.

Only €2 / month for features like unlimited distribution with all codes included, music challenges, your private rights collection, buy and sell shares + exciting coming features. Publishing Rights is extra 5% admin fee on Publishing Rights Royalty. No upfront registration fee. When you withdraw money from your balance, normal bank transaction fees aplies.

Not really, the only cost you see is our 2 Euro a month. You get 100% of what we receive from Global Digital Service Providers (Spotify, Itunes, Google, etc.). Extra FanRaizd cash pool is a bonus, and hopefully, you can win one of our challenges earning even more.

When you are selling rights to your song on FanRaizd, you only do so for the Digital Recording Rights, not physical sales. You can still continue to sell physical CD och LP and keep full control over royalties for the income generated from physical sales, it is not covered in this service and no rights for physical sales are included in when you sell shares of your Master Recording. Do you know many people that have a CD player standing in their home? :)

Same solution as before, either you pay them a lump-sum upfront today. Another Great thing about this service is that you can all agree what your percentage is for the song and divide any future income from the beginning. Just upload the song, give away the percentage of the track that you all have agreed on, you now all have something to be proud of, and spread in all forums possible. All future digital sales will automatically be divided between you!

It is free to give away or receive Master Rights, but you need to be a member of FanRaizd network to distribute a song and buy and sell shares, it costs you 2 Euro. You just transfer money from your PayPal account and start buying shares in songs from artists you like, then you your music collection that keeps earning royalty when you listen to your music.

No! Adding hidden costs makes it complicated and corporate, and we don't want to burden our customers who are already trying hard enough to make it.

Back in the day, you bought a round plastic piece called a CD and the music was played from a CD-player. If you had a lot of CDs, you had a CD collection. Today, with all challenges facing everyone in the industry and the economy sharing trends blowing across the globe, we see the opportunity to move end-consumers to play a bigger part in the music value chain. In the future, fans, influencer, and others will replace the A&R and Marketing Department at Record Labels by having a collection of music rights instead, when you listen to your favorite music, you will actually get paid!

Ok, how do you know your song get some traction? Spotify followers, Youtube likes, L4L  are great but if you want if you want to get engagement and active listening from you fans, most likely your song will start to stream even if you are not on a Spotify playlist. FanRaizd song levels are for showing you are building traction in the network. Even better, if you unlock song levels you can get some extra bonus help to get more tractions.

We love the Private Music Collection Levels ! It is your token  YOUR music engagement. If you have the ear to pick the next sound, and have the skills to make your songs grow, all your songs you have in your Private Music Collection will be streamed more and when that happens, your status of your Private Music Collection will increase when it accumulates more streams which attracts more artists who wants to connect with you.