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The Company

In the end of 2016,  we had a vision of a new music model for everyone who believes the world is just more fun when it is filled with tunes. No matter if you are a composer, textwriter, artists, musician, producer, A&R, promoter, influencer, dedicated fan or a hard working roodie, what unites all genres and roles is the never ending love and interest for the craftmanship of Music as an Art.  

The Internet has created new disruptive ways to consume music and old traditional models are becoming absolete, where distribution and getting access to music is easy but finding your taste of music and gain attention is the greatest challange. An artist's success has never been more determined by an artist's ability to find and connect to their audience. At FanRaizd, we have created a service that invites everyone who wants to create, get involved and establish meaningful long lasting connections no matter walk of life, to spread, share and giving meaning to every tune waiting to be discovered.



To Enhance how Music Lovers experience Music.


Everyone has a special and unique relationship to Music, FanRaizd is the only choice when finding it.


Empowering artists and fans by facilitating how they connect and establish relationships, together driving chances of getting attention, receiving wider spread and seeing higher income than maginable today.