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Start Networking!

Learn how FanRaizd is changing the music industry!

Yes, we are all doing it. We are hanging around all social forums, asking for sub4sub, Like4Like, Follow4Follow and all other ways to get some buzz. When no other music models exist for emerging artists, new playlist curators, and music stakeholders, we are forced to do it at the beginning of their music journey to get some traction. 

The problem is that it doesn't engage fans and form a deeper connection. Sure you can get more subs, likes and follows that supposedly get your song on curated playlists with more "active" listeners, but then what?

FanRaizd offers a way to truly network. For the first time artists, producers, composers, text writers, and fans can join forces and promote, spread, listen, and share the success as a team. FanRaizd offers flexible and easy royalty-splits (some call it revenue splitting), by giving away or selling shares of your song to people who want to engage with upcoming artists and build their Private Music Rights Collection.

The best part is, IT IS FREE TO JOIN and start engaging in artists. Invite your friends, get them started on a Private Music Right Collection by giving away some of your shares of your song. 

BTW - Don't miss out how you can win FanRaizd Challenges!


Start Networking!