Full Membership - 1 year


Also consider the hassle free variant, with no annual cost, the Commission Fee membership.

One year membership. No annual charging.
When membership expires, the account remains but without the possibility to distribute releases. (payments for previuos members are only €15 if performed within 3 months)

  • Digital distribution to Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc (150+ providers worldwide).
  • Release in 7 days (or less).
  • 5 artists/bands.
  • 10 releases per artist.
  • Pre-Save.
  • 100% of the royalties.
  • Royalty split.
  • All necessary UPC codes and ISRC codes included in price.
  • Withdrawal of money to your PayPal account without any extra costs.
  • Monthly royalty payments to you and your fans, no threshold.
  • Royalty analysis for each release/monthly payout.
  • Streams statistics for each track.
  • See the F.A.Q for more information

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