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Engage Your Music Fans!

Your Private Music Right Collection is the future!

The world is spinning fast, real fast, a wave of new hardcore music lovers are growing with a rapid speed thanks to the digital steps pressing the borders of music consumption models. Yesterday platforms like MySpace where the hottest thing to be on, these days it is Musically/Tik Tok or other content generated services that takes the time and attention.

A common attitude is that most music services charge a too high subscription fee for joining major music services like Spotify, Itunes, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play, etc. Prices range from 3,99 Dollars to 14 Dollars for family accounts. 

I have to hand it to you who have broken the trick, but it took me some time. 

So,there are 43 200 (24h X 60 min X 30 days ) minutes in a month!
If an average song is about 3:30 minutes, it would be played
12 343 times (43 200/12 343) in a single month if it ran all the time.

The average revenue per stream varies for the different music streaming services, but Spotify pays out 0,004 bucks per streams. That puts a value on your listening every month, 49,38 bucks !! That is not including advertisment and selling your listening habits that the platforms put up for bids.


Your time listening to music is like your vote, you should decide what your money should go, probably mostly to an artist you like and if you can get a share of the music journey, money and cred, WHY NOT!

FanRaizd offers you a way to actually build your own Private Music Rights Collection. Either you can upload songs yourself and give away, trade or sell shares of your song to initiate your music road to stardom. If you are an artist, you can engage music influencers to interact with your song, and if you are a music influencer or fan, you will get paid for listening to music you like while promoting artist you collaborate with. IT IS A WIN-WIN.

Start building your income generating Collection now!

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