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FanRaizd Challenges !

FanRaizd is adding value to creators and fans.


You have just learned what the Private Music Rights Collection can do for you if not - you need to learn about it now. 

Ok, You have Music Recording Rights in your collection, what is next!

There is a big problem in the music industry - Too few are earning enough to make a living, or at least continuing with their passion. Superstars like Maroon Five, Coldplay, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Tyler Swift, and even stars just below are eating the whole cake and leaving just crumbs for the rest. 

We have all heard about the Value Gap in the industry. Basically, it means platforms like facebook, youtube and many more are making tons of money and the money does not find its way to the creators putting their creation on the platforms.

One of FanRaizd´s missions are - How can we create more value for emerging artists?

Not only do we want to facilitate how our members to network in an entirely new way, but we also need to add value to our network. Here are 2 ways we go about it:

1. FanRaizd Online Music Streaming Challenges

In short, it means if you have rights in a song and the song streams most times on all major music stores like Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Deezer, and many more put together, YOU WIN! So, If your song gets 4,000 streams in total in a month and that is the most streams for all songs in the Challenge, you and all others having a share in that song shares the prize!

What are the prices? - it could be a cash prize, it could be discounts for stuff related to music, earphones, earplugs, concert tickets, subscriptions, good placement on curated playlist, mastering and much more..Check what challenges are running now!

In the near future FanRaizd will arrange sponsored challenges so our members can benefit and continue having fun creating even better music.

2. FanRaizd Network Cash pool.

The music streaming model is democratic in the way it distributes revenues. You get paid accordingly to how many times your song gets streamed in relation to total streams in the music service. For example, you get streamed 1,000 times in a month and total streams 10,000 streams, you get 10% of streams. The problem is that it streams 1 gazillion times in a month and when Drake, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Deadmouse and all the other superstars streams 80% of that together. That is when you get 0,99 cents that month.

FanRaizd is adding revenue on top of the income you get from music services. FanRaizd Network Cash pool is following the same idea but WITHOUT other songs not uploaded through FanRaizd. If you still stream 1,000 times and total streams at FanRaizd is 10,000 streams, and the FanRaizd Cash pool in the month is 100 dollar, you and others who have a share in your song get 10 dollars.

As the service grows, the FanRaizd Network Cash Pool grows.

Check out our challenges and see how your song is going!


Check out our Challenges!